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Buccaneers should trade for Teddy Bridgewater

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers shouldn’t waste another second and trade for Teddy Bridgewater, giving themselves insurance with Jameis Winston.

Teddy Bridgewater hasn’t played a meaningful game of football since the Minnesota Vikings lost the 2015 NFC Wild Card game to the Seattle Seahawks. Since then, Bridgewater almost lost his career to a horrific leg injury during the following summer, wiping out two full seasons.

Now, after signing a one-year deal with the New York Jets, reports have Bridgewater looking like the kid who was beginning to shine in the Twin Cities. However, with the Jets having taken Sam Darnold with the third-overall pick in last April’s draft, Bridgewater is reportedly on the block, with Gang Green seeking a nice return on a low-risk, high-reward investment.

Enter the Buccaneers, who should jump at this chance immediately. Tampa Bay will be without starting quarterback Jameis Winston for the first three games of the regular season after he was suspended for allegedly groping an Uber driver. With Winston out, the current starter is Ryan Fitzpatrick, a well-traveled backup with a penchant for throwing interceptions.

Trading for Bridgewater would accomplish two things. For one, it would give Tampa Bay a better chance of surviving the first three weeks of the season, which see contests against the New Orleans Saints, Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers. Second, Winston would actually ned to earn the starting job upon return, because Bridgewater is a real long-term option.

The cost to acquire Bridgewater can’t be more than a mid-round pick, making it even ore palatable for the Buccaneers. The former first-round selection hasn’t played in years, and while having a great camp is awesome, it’s not the same as playing lights out in real games. The Bucs would be taking a chance, and the Jets only have him for a season. A realistic scenario would be something along the lines of a third-round pick with conditions attached.

If Tampa Bay want to avoid another season in the cellar of the NFC South, this is a move that needs to be made.

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