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Mitch Trubisky’s shaky start should concern the Bears

The Bears haven’t been shy to heap a lot of pressure on Mitch Trubisky this season. His first preseason start was a complete disaster.

Matt Nagy was hired by the Bears to help Mitch Trubisky fill his full potential as a starting quarterback in the NFL. The second-year quarterback’s first action of the preseason did nothing to illustrate progress on that front. Bears fans shouldn’t panic just yet, but they should be concerned about Trubisky’s horrible outing against the Bengals.

Let’s be clear. No one should be giving up on Trubisky based on two drives in the preseason. However, the data points shouldn’t be entirely ignored either. The Bears only managed to gain four yards of offense with Trubisky under center. He went 2-for-4 for those four yards and also took a sack. To call it ugly might be an understatement.

Trubisky was definitely frustrated with how his night went. To his credit, he didn’t make any excuses for what he called “sloppy” offense. Instead, he took full responsibility for what he deemed to be a “surprising” display from his unit.

Nagy didn’t seem overly concerned after the game either. He correctly pointed out that it’s hard to make any real judgment on just eight snaps. That’s the right perspective for the head coach to take publicly, but there should be some serious worry behind closed doors.

Remember, Trubisky isn’t a rookie quarterback that’s just getting his first taste of action in the NFL. He played in 12 games for the Bears last season. Admittedly, the regime chance has changed the offensive terminology and philosophy in Chicago, but that’s not sufficient reason for Trubisky to be this bad in his first chance to play against a live opponent.

Unfortunately for Bears fans, they don’t have a real alternative to Trubisky for this season. Nagy and the front office are going to give him the chance to either sink or swim. The signing of a multitude of skill players should help him increase his competency. It’s worth noting that he was missing several wide receivers last night.

What Trubisky’s ugly start to the preseason really does is pile more pressure on him to play significantly better in his next several outings. That might force Nagy to give him more playing time than he originally hoped. The Bears need to do everything they can to give their starting quarterback some real momentum before the regular season begins.

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The more times Trubisky steps on the field and delivers ugly performances like this, the more the Bears are going to start asking themselves whether or not he’s really a franchise quarterback. Trubisky needs to either earn the organization’s trust this season or expect to see meaningful competition acquired prior to the 2019 campaign.

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