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Eagles fan trolls Patriots in brutal fashion (Photo)

Philadelphia Eagles fans have been acting a little savagely in Foxboro, Massachusetts this week prior to their game against the Patriots.

It’s been seven months since the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII. It was a thrilling back-and-forth football game that wound up with a 41-33 final score in favor of the Eagles, earning them their first Super Bowl title in franchise history.

Now in August, as both teams are set to play each other in a preseason matchup, Eagles fans have jumped at every opportunity to remind Patriots fans of their defeat. Earlier in the week, a billboard ad was put up referencing the game. Before Thursday’s preaseason game, a fan apparently paid $1,000 for a plane to fly over Gillette Stadium with a sign that showed the final score from February’s Super Bowl.

It might’ve been an expensive prank, but it definitely got the message across.

The clever prank was even captured on video, and the sign clearly reads “41-33 PHILLY PHILLY S.B. LII.” Probably not exactly the sight thousands of Pats fans were looking for.

Ultimately, it probably isn’t getting under the skin of Pats fans too badly. They don’t really have much to complain about right now, having watched the greatest quarterback of all time in Tom Brady for almost two decades, and having won five Super Bowl titles in that span, while also reaching the big game three additional times.

The Patriots even defeated the Eagles back in Super Bowl XXXIX following the 2004 season. Eagles fans have done plenty of suffering while Patriots fans have been living the high life, so it’s about time the Philly fans have a little fun.

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But even though it shouldn’t be seen as a big deal, there’s no doubt the New England fans probably find it a little bit annoying. With the 2018 season just around the corner, the only thing they want to do is put Super Bowl LII in the past and start focusing on Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta.

But when the Eagles are in town for a preseason game, their fans were bound to bring a few reminders with them. Oh well, that’s football for you.

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