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Will Robert Griffin III play in Baltimore this season, or somewhere else?

After an impressive preseason showing, Robert Griffin III deserves to make an NFL roster.

The Baltimore Ravens decided to bring in former Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III for training camp to see if he had anything to contribute. It wasn’t expected to amount to much, seeing as how Griffin was out of the NFL last season, and the Ravens already have two quarterbacks: current starter Joe Flacco and rookie heir apparent Lamar Jackson.

But Griffin, grateful for having been given an opportunity to compete for an NFL roster spot once again, has given the Ravens something interesting to think about: after an impressive showing in training camp and preseason, is he worth keeping on the roster and carrying three quarterbacks?

Griffin has gone 12-for-18 for 146 yards with two touchdowns in the preseason so far. In addition to that, he’s looked much more like the confident RGIII of old – the one that won a Heisman Trophy, the one that was drafted No. 2 overall in 2012 by the Washington Redskins and was expected to be the next great NFL quarterback before injuries and ineffectiveness derailed his career.

Given how Griffin has performed thus far in the preseason, it might be worth keeping him on this roster for the 2018 season. If Flacco were to get injured, Griffin would be a decent go-to option to stay competitive, and it would keep the Ravens from having to rush the young and inexperienced Jackson into action.

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But even if Baltimore decides to move on from Griffin, his return to the NFL most likely won’t be hopeless. There are always teams in the NFL that could use an extra quarterback, and based on how he’s looked thus far, he would probably have other suitors that would be willing to give him a chance.

Regardless, after a year away from the game, Griffin has a good chance of being on an NFL roster in 2018. It might be in Baltimore, and it might not.

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