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Are Giants taking gamble with large contract for Odell Beckham?

The New York Giants are preparing to offer Odell Beckham a very lucrative contract extension before the regular season starts. With Beckham’s past discretions, are the Giants ready to gamble on their star wideout?

Odell Beckham Jr. has told the New York Giants he wants an extension that makes him the highest-paid player in the NFL. It looks as if he may finally get his wish. Sort of.

Optimism is growing that the Giants are prepared to offer Beckham a record-breaking pact for a wide receiver, with both sides agreeing to the extension by the start of the regular season. While Beckham’s talent is more than deserving of a large contract, will the Giants regret paying for both Beckham the player who produces and the baggage Beckham the person brings?

So far, Beckham has proved he’s willing to behave accordingly. The superstar’s name was brought up numerous of times in trade discussions this offseason. With his name in trade talks, it appears Beckham knew he needed to get off on the right foot to garner a contract with the Giants that he desired.

The Giants wanted to ensure that Beckham had bought into their new regime and that the ankle he broke last October was healed.

The Giants listened to trade offers for their star receiver earlier this year, but it has been an especially successful summer on all fronts.

A guide for the Giants will be to look at Antonio Brown and Mike Evans’ contracts. Brown is currently being paid $17 million per year and Evans’ contract guarantees him $55 million. Beckham should earn a similar amount or more for both, but paying someone of Beckham’s persona may still be a huge risk. Beckham has displayed controversial behavior both on and off the field, and while nothing has gotten him in legal trouble, the worry remains.

So yes, Beckham is on his best behavior this summer, but can he sustain that for the duration of the proposed extension? That will be the gamble the Giants have to consider.

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