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Sean McVay better be right about Aaron Donald’s extension

Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald remains in a holdout and his head coach Sean McVay believes a deal will happen soon. With the expectations of a Super Bowl run, McVay should hope he’s correct with his assessment.

Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay is remaining optimistic about the Rams front office signing Aaron Donald to a lucrative extension. Donald, who has held out of camp for the entire duration, is looking to be paid like a top-tier quarterback. The asking price? In the neighborhood of $25 million per season while the Rams initially thought of paying about $20 million.

As of late, it appears that the Rams may be coming around, and it was reported that the Rams are looking to offer Donald $22 million per season with $80 million guaranteed. McVay has even stated to reporters yesterday, August 28 that he is feeling good about Donald signing an extension soon.

“I’m very, very optimistic,” he said. “There is a level of increased optimism.”

McVay still believes Donald can play in the Rams’ Week One game against the Raiders.

“Hopefully if we do get it done in the next couple days, we do feel good about him being ready for Oakland,” McVay said. “The dialogue has increased, the level of urgency is extremely high on both sides.”

But it’s August 29, and a deal that’s reportedly worth $80 million guaranteed hasn’t been signed. That could be three things: first, there is no such thing as the deal with that contract language. Second, the deal is there, but Donald wants his reported desired amount in salary per season. Or third, Donald may be well on his way to signing the deal. Either way, McVay better be correct in his optimism. The Rams have the best defensive player in football and he will be crucial to the team as they have all the pieces needed for a Super Bowl run. If he’s not there, that’s a blow to the defense, and the team’s chances to be Super Bowl-bound.

With Ndamukong Suh signed to help anchor the defensive line, McVay envisioned Suh and Donald wrecking havoc on opposing offenses. Both defensive linemen are two of the games most dominant forces in the interior and expectations are high for both players.

But if McVay is wrong in a deal nearing completion, he will have to face the music as the teams preeminent player remains unsigned, and sitting at home

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