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Adrian Peterson wants to prove Cris Carter wrong

Cris Carter suggested earlier this week Adrian Peterson isn’t likely to excel for the Washington Redskins this season. Peterson wasn’t happy.

Adrian Peterson made waves this past Friday, Aug. 24, when he made his entry into a preseason game for the Washington Redskins against the Denver Broncos. Peterson carried the ball 11 times for 56 yards, including a dazzling 13-yard run reminiscent of his Vikings heyday.

While a bulk of the media were excited to see the 33-year-old running back running with juice in the tank, others have remained skeptical, including FS1 personalities Cris Carter and Shannon Sharpe.

The two Hall of Famers may have statistics and common sense on their side, but Peterson wasn’t interested. AP was clearly affected by the criticism, and responded with some harsh words for Carter.

“Watching some of the things they said about me, man, it really hurt me to the core,” Peterson told USA TODAY Sports. “Not only are they black men, but these are people I looked up to. And these are people that made mistakes, especially Cris Carter. So some of the things that came out of his mouth, not only personally, but about me as a player – aw, he’s washed up and this, that and the other, and he should just retire – how dare you.”

Carter didn’t back down, however, pointing out that he, of all people, would know what it’s like to extend your career longer than you should, citing his time with the Miami Dolphins, when he was far past his prime.

“Did you see me in a Dolphins uniform?” Carter said. “I had no business playing that season. I wouldn’t have admitted it, either. These guys get so sensitive about everything. Adrian had better get over himself. We were all great. But at the end, we all smelled like a baby’s diaper.”

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Carter has a point, but it wouldn’t be fair to write Peterson off before the season has even started. It’s becoming more and more common to see pro athletes excel into their mid-30s, and training techniques have improved significantly since Carter’s time in the NFL.

So yes, Peterson has the right to be annoyed — even if what Carter said wasn’t exactly wrong. If Tom Brady can win MVP at 40 and LeBron James can still be the best player in the NBA, then Peterson has a fair chance. Even if the numbers are against him.

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