Top 10 NFL supporting casts for 2018 season

NFL teams have shifted to prioritized building dynamic and unpredictable offenses by investing heavily into playmakers. We explore the top-10 supporting casts in the NFL around the quarterbacks.

NFL teams are spending more time and money than ever with hopes of exploiting league rules that favor creating explosive plays. Defensive-struggles are occurring less now that schemes and play-calling makes even bad quarterbacks closer to average.

We’re going to rank the top-10 offensive supporting casts in the NFL, factoring in offensive lines, playmakers, schemes, and coaching staff. Basically, everything but the quarterback.

Most of the top units are spending more than 50 percent of their cap allocation on the offense, and those who are below that mark have star players on rookie deals. Star general managers are masterful at spreading the cash around to take advantage of rookie contracts, and several of them will appear high on this list.

10. Minnesota Vikings

Landing on the Minnesota Vikings to be 10th on this list was difficult. A brilliant schemer like Kyle Shanahan was tempting, and both the Denver Broncos and Detroit Lions quietly have a solid cast. But it’s the star power at receiver, running back and offensive coordinator that gave them the nod.

Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs are both at the top of the second-tier of receivers. Their development into game-breakers is shocking considering Thielen came out of nowhere, and Diggs was an oft-injured, inconsistent collegiate player despite the talent flashes. Offensive coordinator John DeFillipo has the makings of a future head coach with his experience with Shanahan and Doug Pederson.

Running back Dalvin Cook also headlines a deep backfield. Cook’s set to be a star if he’s fully recovered from his torn ACL, and their trio of young backs who have fought for a roster spot all look roster-worthy. It speaks to their depth and evaluation skill that one of Mack Brown, Roc Thomas, and Michael Boone won’t make this team.

The offensive line is bad, though, and the blend of this line and Kirk Cousins may be this team’s downfall. As good as first-round corner Mike Hughes will be, not taking someone like Will Hernandez will likely be a costly decision.

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