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Cowboys need to move quickly if they want Earl Thomas

The Cowboys have been linked with interest in Earl Thomas for the entire offseason, but if they don’t move quickly, the Seahawks safety may head somewhere else.

There continues to be almost no dialogue between the Seattle Seahawks and Earl Thomas regarding a new contract. That makes it very likely he’s going to be traded sometime soon. If the Dallas Cowboys want to acquire the Pro Bowl safety, they’re going to need to make a move quickly.

If the Cowboys continue to drag their feet, they may watch Thomas solidify someone else’s secondary. NFL.com is reporting that “multiple other teams” have reached out to the Seahawks in the last several days about a deal for Thomas. Yesterday, the Cowboys front office indicated they hadn’t had any significant conversations with the Seahawks about Thomas in quite some time.

The report doesn’t name any specific teams as competition for the Cowboys, but it’s not surprising that interest in Thomas is on the rise. Quite a few teams are staring at the possibility of entering the 2018 campaign with below average options at the safety position. Acquiring a player of Thomas’ caliber could instantly turn those weaknesses into strengths.

The problem with swinging a deal for Thomas is satisfying his contract demands. At 29 years old, he’s still one of the best safeties in the NFL at the moment. Predictably, Thomas wants to be paid like one of the premier players at his position. Handing that sort of deal to a defensive back whose skills are likely to decline over the next few seasons will scare quite a few GMs away from calling the Seahawks.

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It only takes one team to take the plunge, though. The Cowboys have long been considered the franchise that would ultimately acquire Thomas, but they’re taking a serious risk about waiting this long to engage Seattle in meaningful talks. It’s very possible their hesitation could open the door for another team to swoop in and acquire Thomas right under their noses. That would be a bitter pill for Cowboys fans to swallow.

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