NFL quarterback rankings, Week 1: Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers still rule

The NFL is back, and so are the quarterback rankings. With so many young signal-callers entering the league, it’s a great time to evaluate the position.

Welcome back to another year of NFL quarterback rankings, where we try to gauge how the signal-callers are playing throughout the season. As the campaign wears on, the rankings will reflect how the quarterbacks are playing, while only slightly taking into account their past performance.

For this week, we’re going off my expectations of each man. Enjoy, and feel free to torch my mentions on Twitter.

32. Nathan Peterman

Peterman has to start at the bottom here. The Buffalo Bills did the right thing by not forcing Josh Allen into the starting lineup, but when your only NFL action was five interceptions in a half, you start at No. 32.

31. Ryan Fitzpatrick

Fitzpatrick is in the twilight of a journeyman career, and this time he replaces the suspended Jameis Winston. For his career, the Harvard product has thrown 173 touchdowns against 136 interceptions. If this were the 1970s, that would get him into the Hall of Fame. Unfortunately for Fitz and the Bucs, it’s 2018.

30. Blake Bortles

Jacksonville Jaguars fans won’t like this ranking, but Bortles has plenty to prove. So many talk about his great success in the playoffs a year ago, but Jacksonville won in the Wild Card round despite Bortles throwing for 87 yards. In the Divisionals, Bortles totaled 214 yards while hitting on 53.8 percent of his throws. Point? He has a long ways to go.

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