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Hue Jackson could be first coach fired in 2018

Hue Jackson’s Browns tied the Steelers today. That’s improvement, but will ihe be able to save his job in the coming weeks? That remains to be seen.

You have to feel bad for Hue Jackson. You really, really do.

His Cleveland Browns, who have been a laughingstock in the NFL for the past two decades now, are still going nowhere. Yes, they tied the Pittsburgh Steelers in their season opener today, but, they could have won the game if it wasn’t for some bad play-calling and comical errors.

That’s the plight of the Browns under Jackson, and the team’s front office may be coming to the conclusion that they another coach to lead them out of this abyss. Jackson made a promise to the fans that the Browns would be vastly improved from last season, a promise that looks like fool’s gold, at best.

The real question is whether or not his team will play well enough for him to retain his job?

That really remains to be seen, as the tie doesn’t represent a win, and in addition to those Bud Light Victory Fridges staying closed for another week, Jackson’s job security becomes more uncertain.

Still, most of this mess isn’t his fault.

Yes, he could make better play-calling decisions, but the Browns have been in “rebuilding mode” for what seems like an eternity. The team that Jackson has to work with is not nearly on a competitive level right now (despite the tie), and no one in their right mind could expect Jackson to turn this team around overnight.

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The reality of the NFL, though, is to win and win now, and with that not happening in Cleveland anytime soon, it is a safe bet to say that Jackson could be the first head coach of the 2018 season to receive his walking papers.

Cleveland’s bye comes Week 11, which might keep Jackson from being ousted in October. Still, there’s no reason to think he’s going to stick around much longer with a bad roster, a frustrated fanbase and little hope of getting better soon.

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