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Dak Prescott can’t try to beat Giants by himself

Dak Prescott has to walk a fine line this weekend. He needs to try to lead the Cowboys to victory over the Giants, but he can’t try to do it alone.

If the Cowboys are going to beat the Giants this weekend they’re going to need a big game out of Dak Prescott. He’ll have to elevate his mediocre receiving corps to give the Dallas offense meaningful balance. That doesn’t mean he can afford to try to overshadow the ground game though.

It’s all well and good that Prescott has accepted the challenge of beating the Giants through the air. The talented quarterback uttered those words in response to safety Landon Collins’ comments that the Giants would feel comfortable shutting Ezekiel Elliott down and forcing the Cowboys to beat them through the air. Prescott cannot afford to get caught up in a personal battle with Collins and the rest of the Giants’ secondary.

Instead, Prescott has to accept the reality that his passing game is only present to compliment Elliott and the ground game. His contributions on a weekly basis are still vital to his team’s success, but he can’t overestimate his role in the offense. The Cowboys are only going to go as far as Elliott’s legs can take them in 2018.

The unfortunate truth for Prescott is that he just isn’t talented enough to make his ragtag group of receivers perform like a quality NFL unit. In fairness, there aren’t many quarterbacks in the league who have that kind of talent. That’s how bad the Cowboys’ group of receivers is. Unless Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady suddenly arrive in Dallas this season, the passing game is going to remain near the bottom of the NFL rankings.

If Prescott does want to take a larger role in the offense, he might be better to take a page from Can Newton’s book. He might experience more success trying to supplement his team’s running attack rather than breathe life into their moribund passing attack.

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If Prescott lets his ego get the best of him on Sunday the Cowboys are going to fall to 0-2 on the season. He has to play firmly within the team concept to get his team’s record back to .500. If he tries to be a star, there’s going to be big time drama in Big D when Monday arrives.

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