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Cowboys reportedly don’t want Josh Gordon

The Cleveland Browns plan on releasing Josh Gordon tomorrow, meaning they will have time to field trade offers until then. It doesn’t sound like the Dallas Cowboys are among those interested.

Josh Gordon is a generational talent at the wide receiver position who is capable of making plays that swing the balance of an entire game. Case in point, the Cleveland Browns tied the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 1 thanks to a huge touchdown reception from Gordon, who originally wasn’t supposed to get the start over rookie wideout Antonio Callaway.

The Browns are scheduled to finally part ways with Gordon after working with him for years, and the dubious circumstances surrounding his release have resulted in more questions than answers. Gordon can undoubtedly be an asset to an organization on the field, but his sudden release from Cleveland could make teams skeptical.

Lately, the Dallas Cowboys have been linked to the Browns as a team that should be interested in acquiring the star receiver. However, the Dallas Morning News’s Brandon George reports that the Cowboys won’t be making a play for Gordon if he hits free agency tomorrow.

It’s understandable for the Cowboys to not be interested in Gordon, and George reports that the Cowboys plan on reuniting with Brice Butler. Though not as dynamic as Gordon, Butler is another talented receiver with a jaw-dropping combination of size and speed, and, unlike Gordon, he has familiarity with the Cowboys offense after catching six touchdowns over the past two seasons for the Boys in Blue.

Gordon is expected to be traded to the NFC, so that the Browns don’t run the risk of being burned by one of the league’s most fearsome mis-match makers for defenses. ESPN’s Adam Schefter also reported that Gordon has been eyeing the Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers as possible landing spots.

Given that the Cowboys are reportedly not interested, that means the onus could be on the 49ers going into tomorrow. The New York Jets may have interest in Gordon, too.

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It sounds like the Cowboys are content to roll with Allen Hurns, Cole Beasley, Terrance Williams, and rookie Michael Gallup at the wide receiver position. If Dak Prescott can turn it around, then that group of receivers, with Butler thrown in, could be good enough. But Gordon offers something extra as a legitimately elite receiver, so it will be interesting to see if we receive more information on why the Cowboys are reportedly uninterested in the 27-year-old Baylor product.

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