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NFL Odds: Week 3 picks against the spread

Most of the NFL’s biggest questions have been answered by the end of week 2. Now that we have the correct knowledge, let’s make money with week 3 picks against the spread.

Last week went very, very bad for your favorite picker of games last week. Just about everything went wrong possible. Teams won and didn’t beat the spread. There were multiple backdoor covers. Then, there was the big issue that was trusting teams based on last year’s statistics.

That’s what happens during the first two weeks of the NFL season. You try and just guess week one based on talent level, then you try and decipher which week 1 teams will show up and which ones just won based on the excitement of the start of the season.

We’ve gotten out the kinks, and we learned some really hard lessons. First, don’t trust Eli Manning behind a bad offensive line, or at all really. Secondo, the Seahawks really are that bad. Third, Fitzmagic is real, and it’s fantastic. No we’re not talking about Minkah. Pat Mahomes is insane, and do not bet against him or he will hurt you.

There were lots of lessons to learn week two, and we finally know which teams are good and which ones are bad. Some teams have good offenses, but bad defenses. Some are bad at everything, even if we can’t bet against Nathan Peterman anymore.

This week, it’s redemption time. It’s like the Olympic basketball team in 2008, we’re going to win because it can’t get worse. Here’s to getting greedy and making some money with the week 3 picks against the spread.

Last week: 5-11

Season record: 14-17-1

As usual, we use the Westgate lines.

New York Jets @ Cleveland Browns (-3)

Ah, Thursday Night Football. Las Vegas will continually try to make these lines work, but it’s way too unpredictable. Now that we’re here, we have some questions.

How are the Cleveland Browns favored in any game ever? We understand that this is a different team this season, but they haven’t proven they can win a game. The team played very well against the Steelers and the Saints, but those two teams are both major question marks right now.

The New York Jets, meanwhile, are coming off a major wake-up call. After a monster week 1 win on national television, they were taken out by the Dolphins in Week 2. Sam Darnold went from the savior who’s carrying this Jets to the playoffs, to a QB who has a long way to go before we get our hopes up.

In reality, he’s probably somewhere in the middle. The question is, is that middle good enough to beat the Browns?

I suppose it depends on who the Browns kicker is (sorry, I had to). Seriously, though, these are two teams that we’re still trying to figure out. They both had major revamps of the offense and sport new QBs. This is a toss up, and in that situation take the points.

New York (J) 20, Cleveland 18

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