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Trent Dilfer says Patrick Mahomes is ‘dictating terms’

The Kansas City Chiefs are putting up video-game numbers with Patrick Mahomes at the controls, and Trent Dilfer believes the credit belongs to many.

Nobody is more popular in NFL circles than Patrick Mahomes these days. After sitting all but one meaningless Week 17 game of his rookie season, the 23-year-old Kansas City Chiefs quarterback is lighting the football world on fire, throwing for a record 13 touchdowns with zero interceptions through the first three games.

The theories for why Mahomes has been so utterly dominant are aplenty. For one, Andy Reid has devised a brilliant offense that provides ample options and counters to most defensive schemes. There’s also the take that any quarterback would be starring in this show, surrounded by Kareem Hunt, Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce and Sammy Watkins.

Finally, there’s the idea that Mahomes is simply different, able to make plays that most NFL quarterbacks simply can’t.

On Friday morning, FanSided’s John Buhler spoke with Super Bowl-winning quarterback and NFL football analyst Trent Dilfer to talk about Mahomes among other topics. Dilfer, a former first-round pick who played 14 NFL seasons, sees a confluence of events and Mahomes’ mental makeup as the reasons why his greatness has quickly surfaced.

In a wide-ranging response to whether coordinator Eric Bieniemy’s offense is keeping in line with many of predecessor’s Matt Nagy’s schemes to help the youngster, Dilfer offered the following:

“Very similar,” Dilfer said. “Obviously, it’s Andy Reid’s footprint with the coaching staff. A lot of spread concepts, but a lot of old school West Coast stuff that they’ve just added new bells and whistles to.

His progression has been amazing to watch. His graduate-level understanding of dictating terms with his eyes, creating open throwing lanes because of how he manipulates a defense. His quick decision-making in the quick game, like getting the ball out of his hand now instead of waiting for something bigger to happen has been amazing.

I think he deserves a ton of credit. Andy Reid and his staff deserves a ton of credit. But Alex Smith deserves a ton of credit, too for teaching this kid last year how to become a pro. To Patrick’s credit, he has recognized that and thanked Alex publicly.

This does not happen if he plays behind somebody else last year instead of Alex Smith. Alex is one of the true pros in this game and gave this kid so much intellectual property in one year that he’s now able to take and capitalize on and be a superstar at a young age.”

Dilfer is spot-on. The Chiefs are reaping the rewards of hiring smart football minds and understanding that patience is indeed often a virtue with young quarterbacks. Additionally, Smith was nothing short of a big brother in the position meetings, something Reid and Mahomes have directly referenced many times.

In Kansas City, the fanbase finally has a home-grown franchise quarterback for the first time, while the NFL has a bombs-away offense that plays a downfield game, something many teams have gotten away from. It’s a win for all … except defenses.

Dilfer spoke with FanSided on behalf of Panini America, the official trading card company of the NFL and the NFLPA.

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