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Broncos should fire Vance Joseph at the bye week

The Denver Broncos are clearly headed towards another lost season, and head coach Vance Joseph must take responsibility for the team’s failures.

It’s not quite time, if only because of timing, bu the Broncos need to move on from Vance Joseph. Some would argue that Denver should also be looking to move on from general manager John Elway, although a Hall of Fame career in that uniform and a Super Bowl in your current post will go a long way.

While Elway probably gets to choose the next head coach (his fourth different man since 2014), the Broncos have no choice but to relieve Joseph when the team reached its Week 10 bye — at the latest.

Joseph has been nothing short of a mess since coming to town, consistently getting blown out both home and away. This season, the Broncos started 2-0 for the second straight year, but it appears this campaign is going the way of the 5-11 finish from 2017.

Denver lost eight games by more than a single score last year despite having one of the best defenses in a game. This, for a coach who came over as a defensive coordinator from the Miami Dolphins. He should at least be able to scheme some low-scoring, turnover-helped wins. Hasn’t been the case.

At some point, the Broncos have to prove to their fans that they still intend on winning in the short term, as well as the long. Elway hasn’t been able to get much right since signing Peyton Manning prior to the 2012 season. It’s been a disaster in the draft, with not a single pick reaching a Pro Bowl or All-Pro status since that time.

While those are clearly Elway’s sins, and Elway’s alone, Joseph will pay. It’s been a comedy of errors, whether it’s been a quarterback carousel or a complete lack of adjustments. For example, the Broncos allowed rookie return man Isaiah McKenzie to fumble over and over and over with little positive coming from the youngster.

Joseph has earned his firing with poor game plans, and Elway has put him in an impossible spot with poor quarterbacks and a sieve up front. Still, the coach always bears the brunt before the GM, especially in this situation.

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