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Odell Beckham takes matters into his own hands on trick play (video)

Odell Beckham is not happy with a lack of downfield throws from Eli Manning, so he took it upon himself to change that on Sunday.

Entering Sunday’s game against the Carolina Panthers, New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham had plenty of catches (31) but not much yardage (331) and zero touchdowns. Eli Manning is clearly pretty much cooked, but the Giants’ pass protection hasn’t done him any favors either.

Toeing the line between leadership and complaining, Beckham has cited a lack of energy on the Giants’ offense overall and more specifically a lack of connection with Manning in recent days.

He didn’t necessarily call out Manning to ESPN’s Josina Anderson, but it’s clear Beckham would like his quarterback to cut it loose downfield a little more if at all possible.

I don’t know,” he said. “Like I said, I feel like he’s not going to get out the pocket. He’s not – we know Eli’s not running it. But is it a matter of time issue? Can he still throw it, yeah, but it’s been pretty safe and it’s been, you know … cool catching shallow (passes) and trying to take it to the house. But I’m, you know, I want to go over the top of somebody.

In the second quarter of Sunday’s game, Beckham got the opportunity to go “over the top of somebody” as a passer.

Off a lateral from Manning, Beckham unleashed a deep ball in the direction of running back Saquon Barkley with Panthers cornerback James Bradberry was bearing down on him. Beckham, with a seemingly effortless flick of the wrist, threw the ball 30-35 yards across the field on a pretty good line to a largely unaccounted for Barkley.

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Barkley’s own skill helped, both in making the catch and paying the play off for a 57-yard touchdown. But Beckham’s throw was impressive in all facets, and surely the best throw a Giants’ “quarterback” has made all season.

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