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Is Odell Beckham just making excuses?

Odell Beckham Jr. walked off the sideline and into the locker room before halftime. Beckham states it was because he was dehydrated, but is he just making an excuse?

My dad once told me that if you have to explain something, you’re finding a way to pad the truth.

It didn’t make sense back then, but Odell Beckham’s excuse for walking off the field into the locker room Thursday night brought the quote full circle. Beckham left the field before halftime as his New York Giants faced off against the Philadelphia Eagles. His excuse, according to the New York Post? He stated his reasoning for leaving early was to get an IV for dehydration.

“I was cramping … so I was trying to go get an IV,’’ Beckham said after the game. “Because the halftime break is really like five, 10 minutes [it’s actually 12 minutes], so if I can use a couple extra seconds to go in there and get an IV and be able to come back out … that’s really all it was.’’

Beckham’s explanation is hard to believe, mainly because of his antics later in the game. Beckham took out his frustrations on the air conditioning unit on the sideline, of course providing the internet with unnecessary fodder.

Beckham is giving everyone who was skeptical of the Giants providing him with such a large contract a reason to say, “told you so.” There is a chance Beckham was indeed cramping and needed an IV. But since history repeats itself, there’s a greater chance Beckham just wanted attention-like he has in the past. At this point, his excuse of being dehydrated won’t be enough to save face. Beckham, a very talented player, is who he is.

Sometimes it’s just best to trust what you see and not second guess it. Beckham is an outstanding football player. But he likes the headlines just as much.

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