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Eli Manning is optimistic despite 1-5 record

The New York Giants have a dismal 1-5 record. Despite their slow start, Eli Manning remains optimistic.

The New York Giants have a lot of talent, but that hasn’t helped them much so far in 2018.

The Giants, six games into the season, sit at 1-5 and their play has given us more questions than answers. Giants quarterback Eli Manning has been one of the question marks for the team so far. Manning is hitting a stellar 68.7 percent of his passes but has only thrown for six touchdowns to four interceptions. The consensus is that Manning is part of the problem, and fans want him bench.

But Manning is looking at the glass half full, and not giving up hope on the Giants future this season. His reason? The Giants have one thing that they didn’t have last season, when they also started 1-5: health.

“Last year we were banged up and lost a bunch of players, and it was hard to kind of see the bright side of it,” Eli Manning said, per Newsday. “This year you see a bright side. You see that it can get better. We have good players, we have good character guys that are going to work. I think there’s a great opportunity for us to improve and win a bunch of football games and that’s what we believe, so I think that’s the mindset going into it.”

The Giants currently house Saquon Barkley and Odell Beckham Jr., two offensive players with the potential to be a potent one-two punch for years to come. And while Manning is right the Giants have been healthy, it hasn’t translated into wins, and Barkley and Beckham have been footnotes instead of headlines.

Next: Can we trust Odell Beckham to be the leader of the Giants?

But stranger things have happened in the NFL in the past, and teams who started off sub-par have won Super Bowls. Who knows, maybe Manning’s optimism will rub off on his teammates.

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