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5 NFL teams that must win in Week 7

The halfway point of the season is rapidly approaching and for some teams, that means they need to get their act together. Here are five teams in need of a win in Week 7.

The biggest win of last week came on Sunday night in Foxborough when the New England Patriots ended the Kansas City Chief’s undefeated streak at five. In what was in all likelihood a sneak peek at what the AFC Championship game is going to be, fans around the world were treated to an incredible game of football. Both teams played incredibly well and the game came down to the wire, what more can you ask for?

Unfortunately there are very few marquee match-ups this week. Regardless of how interesting the slate of games is, teams still find themselves in must-win situations. Let’s start with the AFC West hopeful from Los Angeles.

5. Los Angeles Chargers

Despite the incredible start to the season for the Chiefs, the Chargers find themselves only one game out of a tie for first place in the division. Their 4-2 record is tied for the second best in the AFC, only behind the Chiefs as well.

The Chargers have been up and down, which quite frankly is par for the course with this team. Their inconsistency and injury troubles are the only things keeping them from being a contender to make a deep playoff run. Regardless of how rocky the team’s first six weeks were, they have a chance to make the playoffs if they have a solid final ten games.

Their slate of games is very forgiving as well, beginning with the Tennessee Titans who are a mess but somehow have three wins so far. It should come as no surprise that the Chargers are favored by nearly seven points.

The Chargers can and will take care of business against a banged up Titans team. A win puts them at 5-2 and would be their fourth in a row. To increase their chances at making the playoffs in a competitive AFC, a win here is necessary.

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