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Fantasy Football: 5 bold predictions for Week 7

It’s that time of the week to get a little bold and throw out some predictions for the weekend of fantasy football.

So far this year there have been a group of players just waiting to break out. These are the ones sitting on the bench of your fantasy football roster. However, this week could be a good time to get them in your lineup.

It can be frustrating as a fantasy owner watching a more talented player sitting on the bench. We don’t have access to behind the scene stuff which could shed light on certain player’s lack of playing time.

In the case of running backs, there are some who are standout as pass protectors. A lot of rookie running backs are eased into the lineup because they struggle picking up the pass rush.

Someone like Kerryon Johnson falls into this category. He’s an extremely talented runner, but is still learning the ins and outs of the position. However, the Lions might be at a point where they turn things over to their rookie back.

For a wide receiver to get a high number of targets he must have good chemistry with the quarterback. This is why it takes some time for newly signed receivers to find their stride.

There’s a lot of timing and trust that needs to be developed for a quarterback-receiver combination can be fully effective. This is especially true for smaller receivers who rely on route running and quickness to create separation.

As we approach Week 7 of the regular season, these type of players start to adjust and earn more looks. This week’s bold predictions features several players who are ready to breakout.

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