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Bengals fan gives NBC cameras the finger in disgust

Sunday night was a tough night to be a Bengals fan, and one fan let his frustration show very clearly.

The Cincinnati Bengals were forced into playing a primetime game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday Night Football. It was the second straight week in which the Chiefs found themselves in the Sunday night spotlight, having dueled to the finish in a three-point loss at New England the previous week.

But there’s a reason the Chiefs were moved back into primetime the following week, and it’s because they are the most thrilling team in the NFL right now. It was just bad news for the Bengals and their fans, one of which made the trip to Arrowhead Stadium for the game dressed like a Bengal.

It didn’t take long for Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs to start running up the score on Cincinnati, and this particular fan wasn’t overly amused by the game, nor was he amused when the NBC cameras focused in on him. He proceeded to hold up his finger to let the cameraman know exactly what the thought of him, as well as what he thought about the blowout that was unfolding right before his eyes.

In his defense, the Bengals were losing by more than 30 points just after halftime. It was understandable why he was disgusted.

By that point, the seemingly unstoppable Mahomes had already thrown for almost 300 yards and three touchdowns, even connecting with superstar running back Kareem Hunt for a couple of them. The Chiefs continued to prove why they are the hottest team in the AFC right now, and one of the hottest in the entire league behind only the Los Angeles Rams.

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Kansas City made short and easy work of the Bengals on Sunday night in a brutal and vicious beat down. Getting a firsthand look at it couldn’t have been easy for the Bengals — especially when he went through all the trouble with the outfit — so his frustration was understandable.

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