NFL Week 8, 2018: Broadcast map

As we head into Week 8, take a look at what games will be shown in your area on Sunday.

The 2018 NFL season has almost reached its halfway point.

Through seven weeks, only one team remains undefeated — the Los Angeles Rams — and they will try to keep the streak going against the Green Bay Packers in what will probably be the most must-see game of the week. Most of the country will get to watch that game in the late FOX slot, and it could be one of the better games of the entire season.

In the meantime, take a look at what other games will be broadcast throughout the country. As always, the three national TV primetime games will run on FOX/NFL Network on Thursday night, NBC on Sunday night, and ESPN on Monday night.

As for the mix of Sunday games, here’s what will be coming your way via FOX and CBS.

(All broadcast maps can be found at


You could be getting a handful of different games here depending on what area of the country you live in, but the biggest chunk of the country will be getting the Kansas City Chiefs and the Denver Broncos, a good old-fashioned AFC West showdown. Any time you get a chance to watch the sensational Patrick Mahomes run the Kansas City offense, it’s a special thing.

Another interesting game could be the Chicago Bears against the New York Jets in a matchup of two young quarterbacks, Mitchell Trubisky and Sam Darnold. As expected, that game will mainly be shown in the northern Midwest states and the New York region.


The early FOX time slot is just about split in half, with almost half of the country getting the Redskins-Giants game, almost the other half getting the Seahawks-Lions game, and a very small portion getting the Buccaneers-Bengals game. Not really a whole lot happening here, although Washington-New York — hated division rivals — could be interesting.

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It certainly is a bummer to live in Arizona or San Francisco right now, because you’ll be forced to watch the sure-to-be very uninteresting Cardinals-Niners game while the rest of the country will get to watch the Rams and the Packers. Life just isn’t fair sometimes, is it?

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