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Le’Veon Bell hints at ending holdout with a tweet

It’s not confirmed or anything, but Le’Veon Bell left us a tweet that may have suggested he’s ready to return to the Steelers.

It’s difficult to tell exactly what is going through the mind of Le’Veon Bell these days. The Pittsburgh Steelers haven’t seen him all season.

The star running back never reported to the team in 2018, and insisted on holding out after an agreement wasn’t able to be reached regarding a new contract for him. That was back in August, and now it’s November, and Bell still has yet to be seen.

However, Bell, who has apparently been spending time in South Florida, took to Twitter and left a tweet that may have suggested that he might be ready to return to the Steelers.

Of course, this tweet could mean anything, and there is no reason to assume that Bell is ending the holdout. But it could also mean just that. It’s possible that Bell and the Steelers have finally agreed on something that would, for the time being, satisfy both parties.

If Bell truly does intend to return to the Steelers, he would be returning at a pretty convenient time. Pittsburgh struggled early on in the season, starting at 1-2-1. But they have since found their momentum with four straight wins, and are currently in first place in the AFC North a little more than halfway through the season.

The Steelers have seemingly found a suitable replacement for Bell in James Conner, who really emerged as a star in the first half of the year. But that doesn’t mean the team wouldn’t benefit greatly from getting their three-time Pro Bowler back on the roster.

On the other hand, it’s hard to imagine Bell’s potential return to the team going over smoothly. His decision to act this way and hold out against the team was not received very well by his teammates, and you can bet Steelers fans would be happy to welcome him back with a chorus of boos at Heinz Field.

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But nonetheless, his skills on the field would be a huge help to this Steelers team looking to get back to the playoffs, so fans would probably get over it pretty quickly if he played well.

Regardless, this is all just speculation. It has yet to be confirmed if Bell’s tweet actually means what we think it could mean.

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