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5 NFL coaches who need to win in Week 11

Winning is everything. Just win baby. That’s all we hear in sports. Here are five NFL coaches who desperately need a win in Week 11.

Coaching can be a tough task in the NFL. You have to balance every kind of personality in the locker room, at practice and on the field. You are the one who gets all the blame and praise. NFL coaches have a tough job. There are those who adapt well under pressure situations. Then there are those who buckle under pressure. Today we will cover those that simply haven’t measured up to their team’s standards, or ours for that matter.

We will be looking at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Arizona Cardinals, Dallas Cowboys, Baltimore Ravens and the Denver Broncos. The head coaches for these teams haven’t performed well this season. Even if they currently have the backing of their respective front offices, these coaches need to rethink how they want to approach the rest of their seasons in order to save their jobs or keep more players from retiring just to get away.

Most of us are aware that Jason Garrett and John Harbaugh seem untouchable. They are backed by either ownership or their players, or maybe a little bit of both. Dirk Koetter and Vance Joseph don’t seem to be as lucky. Even if ownership has their backs now, that could change depending on how they do moving forward. Let’s dive in and see who is really on the hot seat heading into Week 11.

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