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NFL playoff picture: Updated standings and scenarios

The Rams could possibly clinch the NFC West in Week 11, but the Seahawks are fighting to keep their season alive.

Week 11 of the NFL season is underway, and we are already talking about clinching scenarios.

On Monday night, the Los Angeles Rams may be able to clinch the NFC West. Of course, even if it doesn’t happen this week, it’s a pretty safe bet to say the Rams will eventually get there, but they can do it in Week 11 if a couple of things fall in their direction.

Los Angeles would need to get a win over the AFC’s best team, the Kansas City Chiefs. In addition, the Rams need the Seattle Seahawks to falter against the Green Bay Packers on Thursday night.

In Seattle, the Seahawks are pretty much playing for their season against the Packers. A loss will essentially drive the final nail into the coffin of their 2018 season. They will drop to 4-6, and given the vast competition of teams that will be fighting for a wild card spot in the NFC — currently the Panthers, Vikings, Falcons, Cowboys and Eagles — it’s hard to imagine a scenario in which Seattle can pull that off.

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The Seahawks also have upcoming games against the Carolina, Minnesota and Kansas City, which means it’s unlikely they would finish their season any better than 7-9. That won’t be anywhere near good enough for a playoff spot, so their season all comes down to whether or not they can find a way to knock off Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

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