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Do the Cowboys have a future with Dak Prescott?

Jerry Jones has confidence that Dak Prescott is truly the quarterback for the Cowboys for the foreseeable future. How sure? Not even an offer of two first-round draft pick could change his mind.

Jerry Jones has a plan, and Dak Prescott is in it.

The Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager has supplied confidence with his quarterback the last few weeks. At one point the Cowboys at one point were struggling with a 3-5 record at the midway point of the season, causing many fans and media members to wonder whether or not Dak Prescott was the long-term solution. But Prescott helped the Cowboys turn it around the last two weeks, getting big wins over the Eagles and the Falcons.

Still, Prescott has fallen short of the expectations of duplicating the success he attained in 2016. While his numbers are modest (11 touchdowns, five interceptions), his ability to stretch the field has been lacking. Yet Jones has confidence in Prescott. Not even two first-round draft picks could sway him to get rid of his quarterback.

“When I say man, he’s our future. I don’t know how we could ask for more, to have this opportunity for him to progress the way he has. If someone walked in here right now and looked like they were going to get the No. 1 pick in the draft and said we’ll give you two picks for Dak. I wouldn’t even consider it. No.”

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While two first-round selections wouldn’t be an asking price, Prescott doesn’t even have to perform like a first rounder to prove his worth. What he needs to do, though, is not sink the ship. An ideal plan for the Cowboys in the future would be to build the team around Dak. Ezekiel Elliott at running back is already set, and Tyron Smith and Amari Cooper are cornerstones for the future. Dak isn’t Tom Brady, but a smooth transition into an Alex Smith, game-managing quarterback will suffice for the Cowboys.

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