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FanDuel NFL: Best Lineup for Week 13

Despite the regular season of year-long fantasy football leagues coming to the end, the daily fantasy leagues like Fanduel are just starting to get interesting.

One of the really cool things about daily fantasy football leagues like Fanduel is that you can continue to play throughout the playoffs. You also don’t have to really worry about one of your players getting benched because he team already secured a playoff spot.

This creates so many more weeks of fantasy fun and betting action. It also means that we get a chance to work someone like Lamar Jackson into our lineup.

Jackson is someone that most year-long fantasy owners will have a tough time buying into. If your a team still in the playoff hunt it’s likely you have a reliable quarterback option. Even if you don’t have a reliable quarterback it would be a risky move to start Jackson.

In Fanduel you can start Jackson and use the salary savings to splurge at another position. This is one of the more unique things that arise in these daily leagues. In fact, Jackson is one of my starts for this coming week.

There were a few more options available this week with no teams on bye. Typically the talent pool is significantly diluted with players on bye or playing in the prime time games.

However, I still had some trouble finding a good middle of the road wide receiver. There are usually a handful of receivers who jump out as great values. This week there wasn’t many great options which forced me to tinker with my lineup more than usual.

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