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Minor injuries won’t slow Tom Brady down

Tom Brady said he’s ‘nursing a couple little things’ but he has never let minor injuries hold him back before, and he’s not going to now.

There are some athletes that might get worked up over little aches and pains that occur throughout the course of a regular season. Some players might not play unless they feel 100 percent healthy.

Tom Brady is not one of those athletes.

Of course, Brady isn’t ailing from anything serious, just the minor injuries that come with playing in the NFL. In the midst of his 18th season as the quarterback of the New England Patriots, the 41-year-old Brady is certainly used to these kinds of things.

Brady has taken plenty of beatings during his career, but the result to this point has been five Super Bowl championships. The only injury that has ever slowed him down during his NFL career was when he tore his ACL during the 2008 season opener.

Other than that, Brady has been nearly invincible. After the bye week, despite being limited in practice due to knee issues, Brady looked good in New England’s 27-13 win over the New York Jets in Week 12. That came just two weeks after the Patriots were throttled in Tennessee.

“I am certainly doing better this week,” Brady said, via “We had the game against Tennessee where I got a little nicked up and then had the bye week and was hoping to have a full week of practice and it just didn’t allow for it. I think a lot of NFL players are nursing things at this point.

“I am nursing a couple little things and I am feeling a lot better. A little flu is going around, but I am feeling better and hopefully I really turn a corner with my knee this week.”

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Nobody in the NFL is more competitive than Brady, so he’s not going to be held back just because he took a few hard hits. Since the Patriots will be battling for playoff positioning over the next month, Brady is going to easily look past any minor injuries he might be dealing with.

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