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2019 NFL Draft: One perfect fit for every team

Consumed by the NFL playoff race but still keeping an eye on next year’s draft? Here’s one prospect who could wind up fitting perfectly on your favorite team’s roster in 2019.

Whether it’s how our favorite team’s or fantasy football season is going so far in 2018, some of us football fans are already looking ahead to the 2019 NFL Draft. And if you weren’t aware, this year’s draft is sponsored by the Oakland Raiders, who currently hold three first-round selections.

In all honesty, there’s never a bad time to look ahead to draft day and today I’ll be taking a look at one prospect who fits each NFL team and what they may try to accomplish in the upcoming draft. Obviously, there are many teams with more than one need so narrowing it down to one player is a particularly difficult task.

There are several top prospects notably absent from this list, but it doesn’t mean that I think they won’t be drafted or won’t find a good fit come draft day. I’m only human, you know!

As always with any of my draft pieces, it’s important to keep in mind my two most important viewpoints as you read along:

  1. Yes, I hate your team.
  2. Yes, I hate your team.

Perfect! Now let’s look ahead to which players your favorite team could do well by fitting in to their draft plans for 2019, starting with the AFC East:

Buffalo Bills – Noah Fant, TE, Iowa

Putting faith in Nathan Peterman and Josh Allen to lead the charge on offense has had the exact results that everyone thought it would and now the Bills find themselves headed towards another high draft pick in 2019.

Buffalo is a team with needs all over the field but if they want Josh Allen to succeed, they’ll need to surround him with a lot more talent. Two positions that could see a lot of change are running back and tight end, both of which are taking up a significant chunk of their offensive spending without seeing much results. A quarterback like Allen could use a security blanket, which is why Iowa tight end Noah Fant may be a perfect fit for the Bills.

You’ll likely be hearing a lot about Fant during the NFL Combine, as he possesses freakish athleticism that is rarely seen in a tight end prospect. He had a breakout season in 2017 for the Hawkeyes, logging an incredible 16.5 yards per reception and 11 touchdowns. His numbers have declined a bit this season, but Fant is still perhaps the best tight end in this class.

Fant’s athleticism and size make him a matchup nightmare for opposing defenses and his versatility as a pass-catcher will lend itself well to the NFL game. He is capable of delivering the type of explosive playmaking ability that the Bills offense desperately needs and could find immediate success as Josh Allen’s new favorite target.

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