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5 NFL teams that must win in Week 13

Looking at Week 13’s slate of games, these five teams need a win the most to boost their positioning as we close in on the playoffs.

Last week’s teams finished with a collective 3-2 record, with only the Carolina Panthers and Pittsburgh Steelers coming up empty-handed. The Minnesota Vikings defeated the Green Bay Packers, while the Houston Texans and Los Angeles Chargers defeated the Tennessee Titans and Arizona Cardinals respectively.

As the season drowns on, each win becomes more valuable. This week, these five teams really need to pick up a victory to increase the likelihood of a potential playoff berth.

5. New England Patriots

Of the teams on this list, the Patriots need a win the “least” if that makes sense. There is almost no chance that the Patriots miss out on the playoffs this year. It is virtually impossible to imagine the New England franchise not participating in the postseason, perhaps because the last time that they missed was a decade ago.

The Patriots have a lock on the AFC North, but the juggernaut clearly has its eyes on the number one seed. That honor is currently held by the Kansas City Chiefs, but the Patriots are only one game back of holding home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

This week, New England hosts a tough Minnesota Vikings team who has yet to really find a rhythm. However, with the talent that they have on defense and a healthy Dalvin Cook back on the active roster, the Vikings are capable of making some noise.

Foxborough is a tough place to play, especially during the winter. Between home field advantage and outstanding coaching, the Patriots should come out on top of a game that has massive implications on the playoff standings in both conferences.

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