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FanDuel NFL: Best Lineup for Week 14

For many fantasy football leagues this week marks the beginning of the the playoffs, but in the FanDuel world the playoffs are every week.

Those who play season long fantasy football play all season just hoping to make the playoffs. After that, they need to couple together a few more weeks of wins just to get to a point where they could win some money.

The FanDuel set up gives its players a chance to week money every week. It’s pretty clear why these types of leagues have enjoyed such popularity.

This week my FanDuel lineup looks to take advantage of some players down on their luck. The biggest of them all is Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. His Packers team is in a state of disarray and thus his FanDuel price has dropped.

I’m betting big that Aaron Rodgers comes out and has a huge performance. He’s the ultimate competitor and will want to show that Mike McCarthy meant little to his success.

Luckily, they are facing an Atlanta Falcons defense that has struggled to defend the pass. I’m expecting a high scoring game where Rodgers is forced to out-duel Matt Ryan.

My lineup also has be getting back on the New Orleans Saints horse. I’m chalking up last week’s low scoring numbers up to a bump in the road. The Saints should have no problem getting back on track this week against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas are both very strong plays despite their higher price tag. They have both paid off in the past.

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