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Amari Cooper proving the Cowboys won the trade

Amari Cooper’s monster game against the Philadelphia Eagles is further proof that Jerry Jones knew what he was doing all along.

When Amari Cooper was traded from the Oakland Raiders to the Dallas Cowboys, it completely shocked the NFL. The price he was traded for was even more shocking: a first-round draft pick for the 2019 NFL Draft.

Many pointed to this transaction as proof Cowboys owner/GM Jerry Jones has lost it. But after his 10 catches, 217 yards and three touchdowns against the Eagles Sunday, Jones is looking like an evil genius.

Cooper made big play after big play Sunday, including a 15-yard tip-drill walkoff touchdown to win the game in overtime. Since joining the Cowboys, Cooper has 40 catches for 642 yards and six touchdowns in six games.

Raiders coach Jon Gruden came in with a master plan to win. Some of it was to bring in his own guys which would mirror the identity he wanted. But instead of Gruden being seen as a risk-taker, the Cowboys have made Gruden look incompetent and out-of-touch.

Cooper is aware that there have been doubters about the price of the trade, claiming he wasn’t worth it. Cooper uses that to fuel his performances.

“I feel like that’s who I am,” Cooper said. “I feel like I can make those plays to help my team win. You know I did it in college a lot. In Oakland, I did it sometimes. But my whole goal is just to be more consistent and to be able to provide that type of play for my team every week.”

“I mean, with social media, you hear everything. But I know what I’m worth, and I know I can play football. So it didn’t really bother me.”

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If Cooper is the missing piece to the Cowboys puzzle, then Cooper, alongside Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott have their core offensive players for the future. All thanks to Jerry Jones.

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