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Browns have concerns about Gregg Williams as head coach

Gregg Williams has done an excellent job with the Cleveland Browns as the interim head coach, but the organization wonders about him moving forward.

Under Gregg Williams, the Browns have experienced a revival. It might not be enough to give him the permanent title of head coach.

According to FanSided sources, the Browns are impressed by Williams’ job with the organization but are concerned about his personality in the long term. Cleveland general manager John Dorsey prefers Mike McCarthy as his top option to take the position, although owner Jimmy Haslam is somewhat enamored by Williams.

While Williams recorded a 5-3 mark and helped Baker Mayfield into the Rookie of the Year running, the concerns remain. Williams is unpredictable and blusterous, prone to power trips. For an organization seeking long-term stability, those qualities are deeply unsettling. For example, Williams has been known to boast about his IQ to people at random moments.

Dorsey, who has been waiting to hire a head coach since arriving in Cleveland a year ago, prefers to hire McCarthy, who he knows well and trusts. The two worked together in 1999 and from 2006-12 in Green Bay, creating a bond that remains strong. McCarthy is coveted around the league from teams that already have openings and those that are about to, but Cleveland remains in the driver’s seat for his services.

All told, this has been a terrific season for the Browns and Dorsey. In the larger picture, the arrow is pointing straight up for Cleveland. However, there are tough decisions to be made first.

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