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5 moves Texans must make this offseason

The Texans went on a great nine game winning streak in the middle of the regular season, but their ugly playoff loss makes it obvious that change is needed.

Winning games in the regular season is great, but the Texans’ inability to win games in the Playoffs is a real issue. Keeping the status quo this offseason isn’t good enough for Houston. Instead, sweeping changes should be in order throughout the Texans organization.

The good news is there is serious talent on this roster. The presence of Deshaun Watson on the offensive side of the ball makes this offense dangerous every week. There’s a lot the Texans can do to help their franchise quarterback, but they don’t need a total overhaul on that side of the ball.

Similarly, the best players on the Texans defense are among the best players in the entire NFL. J.J. Watt may not be the MVP candidate he was earlier in his career, but he bounced back to play at a legitimate Pro Bowl level this season. His health will always be an issue moving forward, but he answered every question he could this season.

WIth that being said, there are serious problems on this roster and the coaching staff. Not many guys in the Texans building should feel comfortable this offseason. In this piece we’ll walk you through the five moves Houston must make to position themselves as a dangerous playoff team next season.

5. Re-sign Jadeveon Clowney

We mentioned Watt as one of the best edge rushers in the league, but Clowney is pretty good too. He’ll hit free agency this offseason, but he seems open to returning to the Texans if the price is right. The Houston front office can’t afford to let the talented pass rusher go.

Yes, that’s going to be very expensive, but losing a Pro Bowl caliber outside linebacker might torpedo any chance this defense has to improve next year. Letting a potentially transcendent defender leave at the age of 26 is a risk the Texans just can’t take.

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