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Todd Gurley tired of the rumors: He’s playing

Rumors have been flying around for weeks that Todd Gurley is still hurt, and he’s sick of hearing about it.

It makes sense why many football enthusiasts have been speculating that Todd Gurley is not 100 percent healthy. The star running back for the Los Angeles Rams missed the final two games of the regular season due to knee inflammation, and he saw limited action when he returned in the team’s two playoff games against the Dallas Cowboys and New Orleans Saints.

During that time, newcomer C.J. Anderson broke out as another massive threat in the Rams’ running game, getting significantly more carries in those two playoff games than Gurley.

But as the Rams move closer and closer to Super Bowl LIII next Sunday in Atlanta, Gurley is tired of all the rumors and all the questions regarding how healthy he feels. He will be playing in the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots, and that’s the only thing that matters.

“I’m good. If there was an issue on my knee, it would be on the injury report,” Gurley told reporters, via Pro Football Talk. “Come on now. I’m at practice. I’m playing.”

There is no denying Gurley’s importance to this Los Angeles offense. He led the NFL with 17 rushing touchdowns this season, and finished third in total rushing yards with 1,251. Gurley is an MVP candidate, and questions are bound to arise when he doesn’t look his normal dominant self.

But Gurley strongly stresses the fact that football is a team sport, and that the Rams don’t revolve solely around his abilities.

“It’s not just about me,” Gurley said. “Why is Todd not getting the ball? Why is that? Because there’s only one football, and there’s 11 guys. Only one guy can touch the ball each time. It’s way bigger than me.”

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However, going up against Tom Brady and the Patriots, there is no question the Rams will need to score a lot of points in order to win. A big way for them to do that will be to get a big game out of Gurley — something we haven’t seen in a few weeks.

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