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New England Patriots free agency 2019: Top 5 targets

The New England Patriots are on their way to Atlanta to play in Super Bowl LIII, but it’s never too early to look ahead to the offseason. Here’s five players in free agency that would make them much better.

Free agency is always very interesting in the NFL. Some years it seems like there are a few great players at one position, but other positions have little to no talent. That’s a similar situation that we have this season. The New England Patriots could use a playmaker or two on offense, but those are few and far between this year.

While the offensive side of the ball is having a down year, there are some defensive stars set to hit the free-agent market. Sure, some of those stars could get the franchise tag, but others are going to have their pick of teams to sign with.

The Patriots aren’t ones to dip into the market for big players, but this season could be different. predicts the Patriots will have more than $25 million in cap space this offseason. That’s a pretty significant number, but with the cap expected to go up by $10 million, almost every team will have money to spend.

The Patriots have the advantage of being a great team, so other teams will make exceptions to sign with them. They won’t take a huge pay cut, but in some instances the fact they make it to the Super Bowl more often than not allows them to save on some players. This could give them an advantage in free agency, and the Patriots could make a huge splash in the free agent market. Here’s five players the New England Patriots should target.

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