Brandin Cooks arranges Super Bowl trip for team custodian

Los Angeles Rams’ custodian Alfonso Garcia and his son are going to the Super Bowl courtesy of wide receiver Brandin Cooks.

It takes a village to take a team to the Super Bowl. It’s not just about the players and coaches on the field. Everyone has an impact, whether it’s the front office staff running social media and handling ticket sales, the ushers helping people navigate the stadium, or the custodians making sure everything is clean and ready to go. Brandin Cooks understands this.

That’s why he decided to work with the club and organize a trip to the Super Bowl for Alfonso Garcia, one of the Rams’ custodians. Garcia will receive tickets for himself and his son, Josh, as well as airfare and a hotel room.

“Oh, man, Alfonso — the guy is special, man,” Cooks said, according to USA Today’s Mike Jones. “He keeps our locker room in tip-top shape. He has such a special soul. Someone that I found myself drawn to once I got there and I see him around the facility all the time. I just felt like it would be special for him to see that he is part of this success, as well, and I wanted him to be able to be at the Super Bowl with his son and enjoy it.”

Cooks didn’t seek out praise for his actions. According to Jones, it was wide receiver Robert Woods who mentioned the act of kindness to reporters.

“I walked by and just happened to see that encounter,” Woods said. “That’s the type of teammate he is, and a leader.”

Cooks is currently on his third team in five seasons. But he seems to have found a home in Los Angeles, with Sean McVay confirming earlier Tuesday that the wide receiver will not be traded this offseason.

This is a special human being. The way he goes about his business. Guys like him are why you love coaching,” McVay said. “I could go on and on about what he’s done for this football team.”

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With over 1,200 yards and five touchdowns this season, Cooks has proved his worth on the field. But with his gesture to Garcia and his son, Cooks has proved what kind of a man he is off the field.

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