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Super Bowl 53 betting results: What were the best payouts?

Now that the Super Bowl is behind us, what are some of the payouts on the bets we all made?

Super Bowl LIII came and went with the usual team lifting the Lombardi Trophy. The New England Patriots won the Big Game, and Vegas will sell this as them taking a bath. A large majority of the public put their money on the Patriots, which moved the line from opening at Los Angeles Rams -1 all the way to Patriots -2.5 in just a few hours. The lines stayed stagnant for the rest of the betting period, meaning that after that original run of money, things evened out, or was at least close.

With the Patriots beating the Rams by 10 points, that means they won the bet easily. That bet is only one of over a thousand different bets that were made during the Super Bowl.

Things went a little haywire on some of them, especially during the Halftime Show. Maroon 5 performed, and started everything with the song “Harder to Breathe.” It makes sense on paper. It was the song that put this band on the map. However, it’s from way back in 2002. That means there are adults that don’t even know this song exists. There were 11 different songs you can bet on as his first, but this one wasn’t even on the board.

There were plenty of chances to make serious money on this particular Super Bowl. Some of the prop bets paid very, very well. Here are some of the best bets of the night.

Julian Edelman: Super Bowl MVP 20/1

This bet made a lot of people A LOT of money. It’s hard to get a bet like this at 20/1, but here it was for the taking. For those who don’t know, that means for every dollar bet on this, the winner gets 20 back. So, for example, if you bet $100 on this, you’re now $2,000 richer.

Julian Edelman came into this matchup on a role, which makes the supremely high odds a little confusing. In two games coming into the Super Bowl, Edelman had 16 catches for 247 yards. He quickly became the one go-to weapon on the Patriots offense. With Rob Gronkowski, James White, Sony Michel and Chris Hogan showing mass inconsistencies, Edelman was the offensive weapon who kept things moving.

That was no different here. That’s why it’s kind of insane that he was seven other players for this bet. Edelman ended the Super Bowl with 10 receptions and 141 yards. He had more than half of Tom Brady’s yards. It came down to either him or possibly Stephon Gilmore, but the voters will always lean towards offense.

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