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2019 NFL Combine: Master Event Schedule

The 2019 NFL Combine gets underway on Tuesday, Feb. 26. Here’s the master event schedule for the full week.

The 2019 NFL Combine is almost here and with that, draft season is really starting to ramp up. With the Senior Bowl in the rear view and the NFL Draft rapidly approaching, the combine is another opportunity for NFL teams to scout their potential new franchise cornerstones. Every year the best collegiate players meet in Indianapolis, Indiana to show off their athleticism and football skills.

The week-long process gives scouts and coaches a first hand look at various skills like speed, agility, strength and ball skills. Going through a litany of different workouts, prospects get the opportunity to really show out and improve their draft stock prior to April’s draft. Here is a summary of the events that will take place from Tuesday, Feb. 26 to Monday, Mar. 4.

Tuesday, Feb. 26

The first three groups of players arrive on Tuesday. Group one is kickers, special teamers, and some offensive linemen. Group two is the remainder of the offensive linemen. Group three is the talented and deep running back class. These groups will go through the registration process, do pre-exams for medicals, and some interviews.

Wednesday, Feb. 27

On Wednesday, groups four, five and six arrive and go through the same registration and pre-screening processes as the first three groups. Group four is composed of the tight ends, while groups five and six are the quarterbacks and wide receivers (mixed in both).

In addition, groups one through three will begin their full medical examinations and measurements, more testing, and interviews with media and teams.

Thursday, Feb. 28

Thursday brings three more groups of prospects into the fold, groups seven and eight are both full of defensive linemen while group nine is linebackers. They will, like the other groups on their first day, get registered and go through pre-screen ordeals and orientations.

Groups four (TE), five (QB/WR) and six (QB/WR) will endure their medicals and measurements, testing, and interview processes.

Also, the day one arrivals will take the Wonderlic Test, the bench press, workouts, and more interviews. This includes kickers, special teamers, offensive linemen, and running backs.

Friday, Mar. 1

The final two groups join the fold on Friday with groups ten and eleven, both composed of defensive backs. Typically defensive backs have a lot of eyes on them during the process as they have the most to gain and a lot to lose. They will go through all the first day adventures of registration and orientation.

Groups seven, eight, and nine will get measurements and full medical examinations in conjunction with some interviews.

Meanwhile the tight ends, wide receivers, and quarterbacks will do the bench press, Wonderlic, and be accessible for the media.

Finally, the first day arrivals, the kickers, special teamers, offensive linemen, and running backs will work on the field. This includes all of the events such as 40-yard dash, long jump, broad jump, and shuttle drills.

This will also be the first day with televised coverage that will kick off at 9 a.m. ET on NFL Network.

Saturday, Mar. 2

With no new arrivals, Saturday is a bit simpler. Saturday will also be the first time the NFL Combine is carried by a national broadcaster in ABC. They will cover two hours of quarterback and wide receiver action beginning at 10 a.m. ET. Let’s break it down by groups again.

Groups four, five, and six including tight ends, quarterbacks, and wide receivers will get their on-field work in including all of the drills mentioned earlier. This will be the portion covered by ABC on national television.

While those groups take the field, groups seven, eight, and nine will do bench press, Wonderlic, and talk to the media. This is all of the defensive linemen and linebackers who arrived on Thursday.

Finally, the two defensive backs groups, ten and eleven, will get measured and pre-examined for the medical portions while also participating in team interviews.

By this point, the first day arrivals including the kickers, special teamers, offensive linemen, and running backs will be done and headed home.

Sunday, Mar. 3

As the combine begins to wind down, coverage will kick off at 9 a.m. ET on Sunday. Groups four through six will be gone, meaning the tight ends, quarterbacks, and wide receivers will now all be patiently waiting for the draft.

Groups seven through nine will now get their shot at working on the field with the 40-yard dash and other drills. These groups include defensive linemen and linebackers, it will be a big day for them.

Finally, the two groups of defensive backs will hit the weight room to try their hand at the bench press in addition to taking the Wonderlic and talking to the media.

Monday, Mar. 4

The final day of the 2019 NFL Combine wraps up with all of the on-field work for the final two groups. The defensive backs will drastically improve or degrade their draft stock with how well they perform in the speed and agility drills like the 40-yard dash and shuttle drill.

Coverage will be provided by NFL Network again and it will begin at 9 a.m. ET.

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