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Antonio Brown puts the entire NFL on notice

Antonio Brown probably won’t be playing for the Buffalo Bills anytime soon, but he does insist that he’ll announce his new team very soon.

The Steelers thought they were close to dealing Antonio Brown to Buffalo on Thursday night, but the talented wide receiver effectively nixed that idea by claiming he wouldn’t report to the Bills. That doesn’t mean Brown is going to stay in Pittsburgh though.

In fact, Brown believes he’ll be in a position to announce his new team “in a little bit.” There’s no telling exactly how soon he thinks an announcement can be made, but it’s safe to say that NFL fans interested in Brown’s immediate future should stay glued to social media for the foreseeable future.

At this juncture, there’s no solid indication on which team is set to take the risk on the extremely productive wide receiver. If forced to guess, most NFL insiders would guess that Brown might be headed to Oakland to play for Jon Gruden. The Raiders need an exciting offensive player and they’re equipped with three first rounders in this year’s draft. The desire of Gruden and GM Mike Mayock to make a big splash this season might tempt them to roll the dice on Brown.

It’s safe to assume that Brown will need to OK any potential destination. The Bills clearly weren’t on his list of acceptable destination, and it’s fair to assume a couple of other franchises also reside on that list. No one knows who they are, but presumably the Steelers have been clued in on which teams they’re cleared to negotiate with.

The Steelers definitely want to get a move done as quickly as possible. They have no intention of keeping Brown for the 2019 season. It’s in the best interest of the franchise and player to find him a new home so the rest of the Pittsburgh roster can start focusing on football once again.

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Fans of any franchise in the market for a Pro Bowl wide receiver should keep a close eye on the news tonight. Brown may finally have secured his exit from Pittsburgh.

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