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NFL Trade Grade: DeSean Jackson heads back to the Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles headed into the offseason needing to find a dangerous slot receiver. The return of DeSean Jackson fills that need perfectly for Philadelphia.

The old adage that you can’t go home again obviously doesn’t apply in the NFL. DeSean Jackson’s return to the Eagles could be a perfect fit for the veteran slot receiver and the franchise that brought him into the NFL.

Dov Kleiman is reporting that the deal will see Jackson and a 2020 7th round pick heading to the Eagles in exchange for a 2019 6th round selection that will be headed to Tampa Bay. It’s obvious the Buccaneers want to start rebuilding with a younger roster and shedding Jackson’s $10 million salary should give the organization a bit more flexibility this offseason.

Eagles Grade: B+

The Eagles are set on the outside with Alshon Jeffery and Nelson Agholor. However, their decision to trade for Golden Tate just ahead of last year’s NFL Trade Deadline clearly shows they didn’t have a guy they liked in the slot. That’s where Jackson performs best at this point in his career.

He doesn’t still have the same explosion he did in his younger days, but Jackson still has enough speed to keep opposing defensive coordinators up at night. There’s a reason he averaged just under 19 yards per catch last season for the Buccaneers. He’ll provide Carson Wentz an immediate boost in the passing game.

Eagles Get

DeSean Jackson, 2020 7th round pick

Buccaneers Get

2019 6th round pick

The fact that the deal comes at a very minor cost for the Eagles boosts their grade significantly. $10 million might be a slight overpay for Jackson at this point in his career, but this is the last year left on his deal. Getting a starter for what equates to a one-round pick swap is a really good move for Philadelphia.

Buccaneers Grade: B

This deal is pretty decent for Tampa Bay as well. The organization wants to get younger and keeping a veteran like Jackson around really didn’t make a ton of sense. The Buccaneers can take the money Jackson was going to make and put it to good use in free agency.

Some fans might wonder why the Buccaneers didn’t get a bigger haul, but the truth is they were fortunate to find a team willing to take on Jackson’s salary without sending money in the other direction. This isn’t a complete salary dump, but it’s pretty close.

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Buccaneers fans might not like seeing Jackson leave, but they should follow their front office’s lead and start looking to the future.

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