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Arizona Cardinals sign Terrell Suggs: Grade, reaction and more

Terrell Suggs announced he is leaving the Baltimore Ravens. He has agreed to terms with the Arizona Cardinals.

The Arizona Cardinals are already making big moves in free agency. According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, they are expected to sign pass rusher Terrell Suggs, who told the Baltimore Ravens that he was moving on from the club.

Suggs played both high school and college football in Arizona, so the move would be a return home for the 36-year-old. He has been with the Ravens for sixteen years. During that time, he accumulated 132.5 sacks. And he’s still producing at the age of 36, earning seven sacks in the 2018 season.

Contract Details

Contract details have not been announced. However, the Cardinals are not expected to sign Suggs to more than a one-year deal.

National Reaction

Jamison Hensley, an ESPN reporter covering the Baltimore Ravens, was sentimental when Suggs’ departure was announced.

Some Ravens fans were not thrilled with the move.

Many people thought Terrell Suggs would retire as a Raven. But at 36-years-old, he is not a long-term investment for the team. With many other pass rushers available in free agency, it’s likely that the Ravens can make up that on-the-field talent. But it will be an emotional punch in the gut for Ravens fans, who also lost Ravens veterans Joe Flacco and Eric Weddle this offseason.

For the Cardinals, Suggs is a good addition. He won’t play every snap, but he will pair well in rotation with a young Chandler Jones. With a one-year deal, the Cardinals have kept their commitment to Suggs minimal, while opening up the door to focusing on other positions in the draft.

For Suggs, moving to Arizona in what may be his last season is like coming full circle. He will get to play in the place where it all started, and he will be with a young team that seems determined to be better in 2019 than they were in 2018. Still, he is leaving a playoff franchise to join a first-year coach. He is leaving stability for uncertainty. Only time will tell if that move pays off.

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