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National Pi Day vs Pie Day, ranking the best potato chips, Eric Berry’s next move

It’s National Pi Day, which is different from National Pie Day, and It’s Potato Chip Day too! And is there any more juice left in the tank for Eric Berry?

Happy National Pi Day (3/14), but before you have a painful flashback to middle school math, it’s more fun to think about our favorite flaky deserts.

After spending countless hours in the lab taste-testing every variety of pie, the results are in about the world’s best pies.

The results were limited to the top 5 and did not include pizza pies, chicken pot pies, Shepherd’s pie or taco pie. The results may come as a surprise to some with inferior taste buds.

Ranking the best pies

    1. Apple – Tastes like America
    2. Pecan – Southern comfort food has been known to change lives with one bite
    3. French Silk – Tastes like a chocolate pillow
    4. Pumpkin – Thanksgiving staple, but can play in all four seasons.
    5. Key lime – Bet your mouth is watering now

Results of a highly not scientific study of the best pies.

Bet you can’t just have one

Not only is it Pi Day but it’s Potato Chip Day too and somehow schools are open and mail is still delivered. The potato chip is one of the best snacks in the history of gluttony and these five varieties from different classes of chip you should get to have for your next Netflix binge.

  1. Cape Cod Kettle-Cooked Potato Chips – It’s all about that crunch
  2. Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream – Your fingers turn orange when you eat the whole bag
  3. Kettle Krinkle Cut Buffalo Bleu – Buffalo wings but as chips
  4. Deep River Zesty Jalapeño – Sweet heat intensifies when you stop eating. Keep eating.
  5. Lay’s Kettle Cooked Mesquite BBQ – Summer staple for backyard cookouts

Honorable Mention: Ruffles Original with french onion dip tops all of the above, but it’s a chip-enhancing substance that disqualifies it from this competition.

Any juice left in the tank for Eric Berry?

Eric Berry was released on Wednesday, ending his nine-year tenure with the Chiefs. His time in Kansas City is over, but he’ll always be a Chief. As for what’s next for him, wouldn’t it be a classic Patriots move to sign Berry and give him a chance to play against his former team in the playoffs?

Eric Berry vs. Tim Tebow

In his third game at Tennessee, Berry picked off Tim Tebow and returned it for a 96-yard touchdown. The legend of Berry was born that day. The man was a god at Tennessee.

“Dang horse, I really trusted you.”

You know about how Berry kicked cancer’s ass, how great he was with the Vols and Chiefs, but my favorite story about Berry is how he’s terrified of horses. You can’t blame a GOAT for being shy around horses.

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