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5 NFL teams Batman should save from their villainous owners

Which NFL coaches and players should be sending up the Bat Signal to save themselves from their owners? We discuss.

NFL owners are a difficult lot to pin down: eclectic, super (obnoxiously) rich, stubborn, egotistical, and nearly across the board…not football people. Some of them are so much of the former adjectives, that they trick themselves in to believing that they are the latter. This seems to get in the way of their general managers, coaches and players doing what they’re paid to do: win games.

Twelve months ago Jimmy Haslam would have been a (near) unanimous No. 1 overall selection for the worst NFL owner. However, he seems to have moved out of the way and given John Dorsey the power to build his own team. So today, who are the five NFL Teams most in need of Batman, to save them from their own owners?

5. Daniel Snyder, Washington

Dan Snyder is one of those awful type of villains, you know, the ones who look like normal, everyday people? Since becoming the majority owner in 1999, Washington has been the face of the NFL’s “worst teams of the millennia” headline. In that span, Washington has recorded an astonishingly bad 139-180-1 record with only five trips to the playoffs and two playoff wins. This is bad enough for the seventh-worst record in football since that time.

There are other attributes that make Snyder particularly villainous, of course. For starters, the fact that nearly every year it seems like Washington might be making a turn for relevancy. This fact either gets up the hopes of fans and then let’s them down; or, it comes to fruition and the team finishes 6-10 or 7-9 … just mediocre enough to miss the playoffs but just good enough to miss a top-10 draft pick.

Beyond the on-field records; any owner who refuses to acknowledge the inherent racism in their own team’s mascot in 2019 is a villain that we all — and certainly the team — need saving from.

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