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Why is everyone surprised Aaron Rodgers isn’t that well liked by teammates?

Aaron Rodgers and criticism go hand in hand. At the center of the McCarthy-Rodgers debacle for the better part of a decade, is anyone surprised Rodgers isn’t well liked?

In the wake of his firing as the coach of the Packers, Mike McCarthy isn’t going down quietly. That’s not to say he’s attacking the institution but he hasn’t exactly said his firing was fair either.

Rodgers and McCarthy has had a problem plagued history almost from the start of their work relationship and it got worse as time went on. Successful Green Bay teams came and went and one thing remained: Rodgers with one Super Bowl but regarded as one of the best passers in the history of the game.

He’s a bad man. But is he a bad guy? This isn’t the first time that the type of teammate Rodgers is has been called into question.

In 2016, former Packer Jermichael Finley took shots at Rodgers ability to lead saying, “I just don’t think he was a natural-born leader. He wasn’t put on Earth to lead.”

Now it seems that hasn’t been quieted in any way. The Packers are looking for a fresh start, with new head coach Matt LaFleur but can that happen when the face of the franchise is talked about as much as Aaron Rodgers is?

Back in January former teammates of Rodgers shared their doubts about the cohesion that would come from the meeting of the two minds.

What happened in Green Bay with McCarthy, Rodgers and all other facets is coming to light more and more it seems. The talk has gotten bad. Last year was downright brutal for Rodgers and Co. who were a consensus favorite to at least fight for the NFC North title, as they watched the Bears decimate the division on their way to 12 wins. After the opening week comeback things seemed bright, but that died rather quickly.

Ryan Grant spoke with Bleacher Report about the relationship between McCarthy and Rodgers, especially the issue around Rodgers and the draft. “The guy who ended up becoming your coach passed on you when he had a chance. Aaron was upset that Mike passed on him—that Mike actually verbally said that Alex Smith was a better quarterback.”

The most damning quote though came from another unnamed former teammate who said “That was a large cancer in the locker room. It wasn’t a secret.”

What remains is no secret either, Rodgers brings talk with him. It’s a new year, but it’s a familiar scene in Green Bay. It’s been mentioned before that Rodgers is a guy you love to hate or hate to love.

Will 2019 bring change to the Packers or will the rise of the Bears and potential resurgence in year two of Kirk Cousins in Minnesota keep them down? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments.

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