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Dallas Cowboys plan to give Dak Prescott a massive deal

The Dallas Cowboys plan to give Dak Prescott a massive extension, identifying him as the franchise quarterback for now and the future.

In response to questions about DeMarcus Lawrence receiving the richest contract in the history of the franchise, Stephen Jones had another player in mind.

Jones was eager to turn the conversation toward Dak Prescott, who is going to be next in line for a fat payday.

For Jones, there’s plenty to be excited about through the first three seasons of Prescott’s career. As a rookie, the former Mississippi State led Dallas to a 13-3 record and the NFC East title. After a down season in 2017, Prescott and the ‘Boys bounced back in 2018, recapturing the division along with a Wild Card win over the Seattle Seahawks.

In short, Jones believes Prescott is a quarterback worth paying. Considering he only has one year left on his rookie deal, the time is rapidly approaching. Now that Lawrence and his $105 million deal are out of the way, it stands to reason that attention turns to the quarterback. Of course, considering the position he plays, Prescott will surpass Lawrence in terms of the largest Cowboys contract ever, and soon.

It’s fairly unusual for an owner or general manager to publicly state they plan to spend lavishly on one of their players, particularly since contract extension negotiations often are back and forth affairs. Then again, there’s no real secret being told here, with Prescott obviously in the Cowboys plans both in 2019 and well beyond.

For all the Cowboys fans who like Prescott and want to keep him around, all indications are that the team brass is not going to play hardball on this contract like they did with Lawrence.

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