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Tom Brady wants to quit Twitter because of Darren Rovell

Tom Brady is quickly learning how bad Twitter can be.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady joined Twitter on April Fool’s Day, but it looks like he may have already had enough, thanks to Darren Rovell.

If you’ve been on Twitter long enough, you know all about the former ESPN employee who is now with The Action Network and his brand of tweets.

Imagine being the guy at the water cooler who didn’t know about this. Whether it be about Nike stock after Zion Williamson’s shoe exploded, narced on someone who made fun of him (maybe he’ll narc on me now?), bad dad jokes (redundant) or random sports business nuggets, Rovell has cornered the market for sports nerd Twitter.

But Rovell’s tweet before the National Championship Game between Virginia and Texas Tech may have sent Brady running for the proverbial hills.

I’m not sure what Rovell was smoking but he performed a white dad dance and sung along to “One Shining Moment” that had all of Twitter cringing. It was so bad, many people experienced permanent cringe-face, including Brady who had enough of the Twitter experience and was ready to delete his account.

This video, seen more than 1.4 million times had people googling “how to delete someone’s tweet” and if you didn’t mute Rovell yet, the mute button was out in full force. There were more blocks than Dikembe Mutombo in his prime. Props to any of you who were able to make it through that trainwreck.

Rovell thought people were laughing with him, but, clearly, they are laughing at him.

I’ve seen better dance moves at my cousin’s wedding when “Loveshack” comes on or at NBA games when “Cotton-Eyed Joe” comes on.

For the time being, Brady hasn’t deleted his Twitter, but if he does, it’s all Rovell’s fault for being bad at Twitter.

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