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NFL Draft 2019: Comparing draft prospects to the Avengers

Draft fans and super hero movie lovers unite the last weekend of April to celebrate the NFL Draft and release of Avengers: Endgame. Here is how the best draft prospects compare to the Avengers.

When pop culture and sports collide good things tend to happen. It happened a month ago where there was a bracket for every single category you can imagine as the lead-in to March Madness. Every year we see iterations of the cross-sectional side of sports and pop culture. This April will be no different with the NFL Draft and Avengers Endgame coming from Marvel.

April is always a good month for sports. It features the start of the MLB season, the college basketball Final Four and national championship, the start of NHL and NBA playoffs, college football spring games and, of course, the NFL Draft. Coming out of the winter months, it is a refreshing taste of spring and non-stop sports action.

This April also happens to be an extremely important month for entertainment fans. It is the premier month for the last season of the world renown television show Game of Thrones. Theaters will see strong movies being released like Shazam, Pet Semetary, and Hellboy. None of those events will be bigger than the opening weekend of Avengers: Endgame, the conclusion of the first phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe..

As a devoted follower of all things NFL Draft, I know that it kicks off on Thursday April 25th. That would also happen to be the opening night of Avengers Endgame. It is rare for two things to collide, on the same date, with as big of a following as the draft and Avengers. This is basically Woodstock weekend for people like me that are in love with both. A weekend featuring wall-to-wall draft coverage in between multiple viewings of Avengers sounds like heaven, despite the wait it took to get tickets.

In this piece we will dive into what the NFL Draft prospects would match up with each adventure. Now all of these prospects can be pegged to a different Avenger or side character. All-in-all I grabbed the 30 top “good guys” from the Avengers movies to compare with 30 draft prospects, some of which will need to be “avenged” after the last movie. Sorry for all of you waiting to see who Thanos gets comped to.

Reach out on Twitter @JoeRomano51 if you see something missing from one of the comparisons or if you have a better comp!

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