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Fantasy Football 2019 mock draft for PPR dynasty leagues

This dynasty startup PPR mock draft covers the first eight rounds as we would draft them, including the top 96 players on his overall board.

You are likely only reading this if you are a die-hard fantasy football player. And if you are, you know that dynasty leagues have been drafting for a while now. Dynasty start-ups that draft prior to the NFL Draft can be risky, but savvy owners can also find advantages.

For example, lesser-known rookies who will be better known after the draft can be grabbed basically for free in startup drafts. Or on the flip side, often rookies are overvalued in dynasty start-ups, so owners can skip the unknown commodities that these rookies without teams are and draft a great team of undervalued veterans.

But whether your dynasty startup draft is before or after the NFL Draft, it is good to be thinking and planning and ranking as early as possible, because nothing is more important for the success of your draft than knowing where you stand on player rankings.

Here we will work through eight rounds, which are the most crucial rounds in any draft, but particularly in a dynasty start-up draft. Each round will have 12 “teams” drafting, for a total of 96 players being chosen here. This is essentially a ranking of the top 96 players on my board, but I will also take into account the rosters of each team, and at the end we will take a glance at what each team ended up with after eight rounds.

In other words, I’ll try to make this a realistic mock draft, and examine what I would end up with if I were drafting in each of the 12 spots.

Three notes:

  1. This draft is based on FFPC dynasty league rules, which includes PPR scoring and a 1.5 PPR for tight ends (often called tight end premium scoring).
  2. I devalue quarterbacks generally in fantasy, due to position scarcity at other positions and an abundance of decent options at quarterback. If that is not your mentality, your rankings would obviously differ.
  3. I do not have time to make notes on the “why” of all 96 picks, though it would be an interesting exercise to do that. If you want to question my reasoning at any point, hit me up on Twitter and we’ll discuss. For time’s sake, here I will only make a note of my most difficult decision of a particular round at its conclusion.

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